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(#4272) 2018 Hentges Racing AXYS Chassis Pro Class Race Sled $6500                                                                                                                               *Very Good Shape AXYS Chassis *Clean, partial Hentges Racing wrap  *Good track with 96 Studs  *Walker Evans Shocks and Suspension  *Polaris Pro/Pro Lite Exhaust system * Headlight included  *Race Ready for ISOC National Pro or Pro Lite, switch can and it is ready for all other classes. 

Brand New 2019 Indy XC 129 - Fantastic new Polaris trail sled! $9,500

Contact Nate today - 612-919-4675 ​or Nate.Hentges@HentgesRacing.com

Note: All Polaris Race Sleds are EPA certified for racing only.

Polaris Race sleds FOR Sale

polaris 600 race sledS AVAILABLE